Using Twitter CLI to do a Raffle

Today I played around with a Twitter command line client called t. My motivation was the raffle we are doing at the Vienna Scala User Group where people can send a tweet to @ScalaVienna to participate in the raffle. And I quickly found what I needed: t search mentions “CraftConf” gives me the tweets I’m interested … Continue reading

Travis CI build failed when deploying to Heroku

This week the build on Travis CI failed when deploying to Heroku: deploy failed, anvil build error: exited 22 I searched the Web but didn’t find any hint. Manuel suggested to restart the dyno by hand prior to attempting deploy. I did that and it helped. Was it an coincidence or not? I don’t know.

Interesting Events in Vienna 2013

A lot of interesting events are happening in Vienna 2013: February 22nd – 23rd jQuery Europe. Slides are available. February 25th eJUG: “Spock” und “Gradle” March 1st Vienna Service Jam March 21st eJUG: Git with Tim Berglund (GitHub) April 3rd – 5th Confess June 3rd – 7th XP2013 June 8th Coderetreat Vienna September 19th Java Klassentreffen … Continue reading

Sharing IntelliJ IDEA Live Templates

I have two computers where I use IntelliJ IDEA. And I like the live templates feature for inserting code templates I need again and again. But of course I do not want to define them twice, i.e. on each computer, and keep them in sync if I make improvements. The trick is to symlink the … Continue reading

Using Streams in Scala

Currently there is an interesting discussion happening at the Vienna Scala Enthusiasts google group about using streams in Scala. One short puzzler for you: val s = None #:: Stream.continually(Some(“A”)) val l = None :: Some(“A”) :: Some(“A”) :: Nil s.take(3) == l What does the Scala REPL output for the last expression? a) true … Continue reading

Customized Maven Dependency Diagrams

I wanted to have a diagram of Maven dependencies but just the ones with a certain groupId should be included. I do not know whether the m2e Eclipse plugin provided such a feature but with release 1.0 the dependency diagram feature was removed. IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate has a nice dependency diagram but you cannot filter … Continue reading

Thinking of Option as List

At the beginning it felt strange to me to use map and flatMap on an Option. But it makes a lot of sense because an Option is just a List which can be empty or just contains one element. The Option class (Scaladoc) even provides a method to convert an Option to a List: scala> … Continue reading