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Interesting Events in Vienna 2013

A lot of interesting events are happening in Vienna 2013: February 22nd – 23rd jQuery Europe. Slides are available. February 25th eJUG: “Spock” und “Gradle” March 1st Vienna Service Jam March 21st eJUG: Git with Tim Berglund (GitHub) April 3rd – 5th Confess June 3rd – 7th XP2013 June 8th Coderetreat Vienna September 19th Java Klassentreffen … Continue reading

Scala for the Intrigued

I just gathered the links of all installments of the excellent »Scala for the Intrigued Series« in Pragprog Magazine by Venkat Subramaniam: The Elegance of Scala Sensible Typing and Optional Items Cute Classes and Pure OO Functional Style of Programming Working with Collections Creating Higher Order Functions Pattern Matching XML as First Class Citizen Recursions and Tail … Continue reading

Reading • Applying • Thinking

I like this quote from Donald Knuth. It is sooo true:  It is difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to learn a subject purely by reading about it, without applying the information to specific problems and thereby forcing himself to think about what has been read. Furthermore, we all learn best the things we have … Continue reading